Farmhouse "Il Torriano"

Il Torriano is on the highest point of the scenic route between the Bibbione Castle and the Tignanello estate.
This privileged location makes the stunning views and sunsets truly unforgettable.

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The village of Montefiridolfi is 700 meters (0.4 miles) south. Here you can find a small groceries shop and restaurant, where you can taste flavours of Tuscan and Italian cuisine.

Il Torriano is at the heart of the Chianti region, famous for its gently sloping hills and its wine.

It’s only 35 minutes from Florence and 55 from Siena. The central location of Il Torriano makes it ideal to visit other famous Tuscan cities and towns: Arezzo, Volterra, San Gimignano, Lucca and Pisa are all easily accessible.

As well as providing three cosy apartments, Il Torriano is also a farm, producing wine and olive oil. The estate supplies grapes for the family-owned wine brand “La Sala” which has earned international prizes.

The estate comprises of 70 hectares (173 acres), 30 ha (74 a) of which are of Chianti Classico denomination. The rest of the land is used for olive trees and woodland home to deers, wild boars, pheasants and other wild animals.

Guests can book, free of charge, a tour of the winery and the vineyards together with a wine tasting session.

Tramonto al Torriano
IMG 20191002 082426 002IMG 20191002 082344 002At Torriano we pride ourself with taking care of the environment. Not only our farming methods are fully organic but we now offer charging stations for electric vehicles to all our guests and visitors.

Our charging stations are powered by solar panels charging your car with 100% green energy.

Why not enjoy the Chianti countryside emission-free?

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Why choose Il Torriano?

You will be at the heart of the historic Chianti region, surrounded by nature.You will experience the slow rythms of the countryside maybe relaxing at sunset with a sipping glass of Chiant wine.

When’s the best time of the year to visit Il Torriano?

Every month has it’s own distinctive character and it's well worth experiencing it in Chianti.

fiori pesco

In March, nature wakes up again: fruit trees are in bloom, wild asparagus sprout from the woods undergrowth, you can feel a sense of buzzing and excitement all around you. Crowd-free cities and attractions are just waiting to be explored by you.


April and May: grapevines become thicker and greener everyday, dead wood is replaced by leafy branches. Olive trees bloom with small white flowers; watching the olive fields at this time of the year is truly unforgettable. Flowers are blooming everywhere: in Florence, you can visit the Iris festival, where plant growers across the world compete for the red Iris. The prize symbolises the coat of arms of the city of Florence.

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June: after a day visiting museum and other attractions of the Tuscan countryside, why not relax by the pool. In this time of the year, the days are long and in the evenings you can spot fireflies lighting up the summer night.

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July and August: the flowers of the buganvillea are in full bloom and you can taste deliciously sweet wild blackberries.  
The nearby city of Siena hosts the Palio on 2nd July and 16th August. This ancient horse race is a must see if you’re visiting us during that time.


September: this is the most important month of the year for us winemakers. Grape harvest is in full swing and across the Chianti region. You can experience how we do the harvest and visit wineries at their busiest time of the year, with fresh grapes coming in creating the typical scent of must.


October: this is the most colorful time of the year, the colour of the leaves changes gradually every day. This is the perfect month to gather wild mushrooms in the woods.

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November: this is the month when olives are picked and pressed within 24 hours. This maintains the distinctive taste which makes the Chianti Classico PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) famous worldwide.


December: experience with whole family the essence of the Christmas holidays.